You are the Seed of What Humanity is Becoming

By and large, humanity suffers from a chronically disempowered state of mind. People are not educated in the science and art of hearing and listening to the voice inside their core. This leaves them numb and empty in a deep place inside that is meant to be filled with love, clarity, and joy. All expressions of aggression and exploitation are symptoms of this inner disempowered state. So too are convictions of victimization, identifications, defensiveness, co-dependency, addiction, lack of self-care, and even normal, everyday boredom or unhappiness.

Now more than ever, we are aware of expressions of social dysfunction and harm that people are acting out. No amount of statutory policy or police enforcement will ever heal these problems. Outward controls do not change the fundamental mental condition at the root. Damage control has its place in protecting citizens of any society. But healing the society of these problems comes from individuals choosing to heal the condition of disempowerment in their own minds, and then sharing their personal wisdom of self-discovery with their children, their friends and loved ones, and all who they meet, in little and big ways as is natural to each moment.

Humanity is becoming what you are becoming. As you choose to heal your self-awareness and to flower in inner awareness of love, you are setting a new course for your lineage in humanity: yourself and all who you touch.

Sacred Reality is founded to empower people by providing education in the science and art of true self-knowledge, to unlock each person's natural connection to love, clarity, and joy.

True self knowledge sets you free

  • to walk in a glowing inner comfort and natural morality of love
  • to experience the deep peace and inner power of authentic self-expression
  • to feel the unparalleled inner groove of being right with yourself
  • to discover your unique purpose and direction that only you can know in your own heart, and to find the courage and clarity to respect it and express it in the presence of others
  • to bring any relationship to its highest expression
  • to know intimacy without control in relationships that stay fresh and joyful