Discover the Power of the True Nature of Self

At their core, each human being is designed to be the expression of God's Love and Will to create. This Truth of Self is a deeply free, joyful, and peaceful inner experience that can only accessed on the cusp of the unknown in feelingful awareness of the now.

Many do not personally actualize this Self-awareness and experience because, from a young age, we are all trained to trust external learning instead of our inner sense of feeling. As a result, we learn an intellect-dominated or five-sense-dominated way of using the mind, and the more subtle senses and functions of the mind lie largely unused and barely understood if even acknowledged. Culturally-reinforced internal ignorance keeps us from discovering how to connect inside to co-creative power with the Will.

We learn instead to push our ideas into expression, trying to shape our daily experiences through some form of force. This way of seeing and doing cultivates experiences that reflect back to us the misunderstanding of self and misuse of mind with which we are operating. Truthfully, this experiential feedback is actually a creation of how we are investing our will into the substance of reality. But we do not recognize our creatorship and so instead, we receive it as confirming a perception in our minds that we really are just material creatures in a material world. Naturally. Because we haven't discovered how to try anything else out beyond the physical expression available to us and all the ways we see ourselves in it and as it.

And yet, many people know that there is more to life and more to the human experience than just a complicated animal existence, even if they don't yet know how to really put their finger on it.

Here at Sacred Reality, we facilitate the development of each person's own inner awareness and sensitivity to help them access the more subtle senses within their mind and core so they can connect with the voice of Truth within themselves. This includes helping people heal from any physical traumas, emotional wounds, and misinterpretations of reality they may be carrying, so they can release distortions that block clear vision, setting them free to discover the power within themselves.

All facets of our program are designed to facilitate this purpose. Please explore our offerings: